Filing, business relocation and workspace consultants
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Filing and storage consultancy

By reducing dependency on paper and its footprint on the office, our storage and filing management services are able to reduce on-site storage by at least 40%.
We analyse all relevant aspects of an organisation's documentation and media; review the existing methods and procedures for the storage and utilisation of hard copy documentation; develop filing protocols and procedures and ensure that any changes which are implemented have the full support of the people who are effected.
Fileworks assists in developing and implementing the most efficient solution for accessing, sharing and storage of hard copy documentation.
We take a hands on approach to manage the entire development and implementation of your document management system.
In order to help you achieve these goals, Fileworks offer the following services:
Evaluation of paper
Analyse an organisation's documentation and media, review the existing methods and procedures for the storage and utilisation of hard copy documentation. Review its usage and flow.
Compile a detailed and accurate report, with considered recommendations tailored to your business goals.

Paper management
Manage staff in the clearance, archiving and scanning of documents.

Clearance management
Work individually with teams, and provide hands on support and encouragement to actively manage clearance activity.

Document workflow policies
Rework document workflows and establish retention policies to reduce dependancy on paper, and ultimately space.

Move support (where applicable)
Provide support during the whole move, taking full responsibility for delivery. Ensure milestones are achieved and any issues mitigated and managed out. We will be there as you arrive and settle in, coordinating day one activity and ensuring any niggles are ironed out quickly.

Assess storage practices and workspace use a month after project completion. Work with local teams to organise retraining if necessary.