Filing, business relocation and workspace consultants
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What we do

Fileworks offer a range of services, split broadly into the following three work streams:
Business relocation
Workspace consultancy
Filing and storage management
We can also provide a complete package, or deliver any of the phases detailed here as stand alone pieces of work, in conjunction with your Facilities Management team and/or other partners. 
If your business needs to change its workspace in any way, we can help.

The four phases detailed below showcase the breadth of services on offer. They can span all three work streams, or can apply specifically to one work stream, depending on the job in question.

Assessment and recommendations

Evaluation of paper
Quantify filing, media and item storage. Review its usage and flow.
Evaluation of people
Complete time utilisation studies to assess desk, meeting space and collaborative space usage. Assess staff interactions to understand interdependencies between different parts of the business and synergies between departments.
Evaluation of aspirations
Gain a deep understanding of your business culture, goals and needs.
Compile a detailed and accurate report, with considered recommendations tailored to your business goals.

Change management

Change management
Organise workshops, site tours (if applicable) and training to help staff engage with, and understand change. 
Paper management
Manage staff in the clearance, archiving and scanning of documents.
Clearance management
Work individually with teams, and provide hands on support and encouragement to actively manage clearance activity.
Document workflow policies
Rework document workflows and establish retention policies to reduce dependancy on paper, and ultimately space.

Project delivery

Move management
Use detailed and proven methodology to dovetail with and take control of the project at any stage to ensure minimal disruption to your staff.
Provide detailed and effective communications at all stages of the project.
Contractor management
Manage the chosen removal contractor to ensure best delivery.
Move support
Coordinate all moves and changes, providing a presence at all times through to completion and beyond.

Post project support and review

Post-project support
Provide support during the settling in period, ensure staff embrace new ways of working, and that technology and storage protocols are working efficiently.
Assess storage practices and workspace use a month after project completion. Work with local teams to organise retraining if necessary.