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Workspace consultancy

A well designed office has the specific needs and demands of your business at its heart. By taking the time to understand how your staff interact and how your business flows, we can help you develop a workspace strategy to maximise efficiency and ensure your business is operating at its full potential.
In order to help you achieve these goals, Fileworks offer the following services:
Evaluation of people
Complete time utilisation studies to assess desk, meeting space and collaborative space usage. Assess workspace use and work patterns to understand interdependencies between different parts of the business and synergies between departments.
Evaluation of aspirations
Gain a deep understanding of your business culture, goals and needs.
Compile a detailed and accurate report, with considered recommendations tailored to your business goals.
Change management
Organise workshops, site tours (if applicable) and training to help staff engage with, and understand change

Provide support during the settling in period, ensuring staff embrace new ways of working, and that technology and storage protocols are working efficiently.

Assess storage practices and workspace use a month after project completion. Work with local teams to organise retraining if necessary.